Get the training you need at Viora’s Academy Workshop to take your Viora RESULTS and ROI to the next level.  Each day, in addition to what you’ll be exposed to from Viora’s experts, you will have time to mingle with other Viora customers in attendance and share business tools, tips, and tricks with each other.

Agenda - Day 1

HANDS-ON LEARNING (9:00am to 5:00pm)

We will have 5 stations that rotate every hour and a half. The first half hour will be for greeting and giving direction for the day.

Technologies Covered:

V-FORM, V-ST, V-FR, V:Nd:YAG, V-IPL, Reaction, Pristine & DermaFuse

Agenda - Day 2

PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT (10:00am to 5:00pm)

I. Presentation led by Kara Moncrief & Heather Allan.

II. Breakout sessions at round tables to dive deeper on the subjects that were covered   

    during the presentation.

  1. Open House/Event success (virtual and in person)

  2. The perfect B&A photos to showcase your clients’ success and social media optimization

  3. Pricing strategies to increase your ROI (Memberships and loyalty programs)

  4. How to properly chart and take notes on each treatment session

  5. Consultations- learn how to be more confident explaining your Viora technologies and with selling strategies.


We are very excited to announce the following Viora Academy Workshop events:

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Network Opportunity

Network with fellow aesthetic professionals

Provide Better Results

Learn the best practices & adjunctive therapies for enhanced results

Professional Development

Invest in yourself as an aesthetic provider

Expert Training

Experience both didactic and hands-on training from top Viora clinical trainers

Practice Development

Learn how to market your services, generate leads, and increase patient loyalty